For Work - less bulk & weight to carry

For Leisure - more mobile

for all seasons & all sizes

Heats and Heals for workleisurehealth
3D Adjustable for all seasons and sizes

Chi: energy, life force

Chi Vest: the first electronic heated vest designed with Traditional Chinese Medicine guidelines to also heal and enhance Core muscles and organs.

Instantly adjustable to deliver heat to warm up bodies anywhere, or soothe muscles and increase circulation to internal organs - without wires.  

Drivers, delivery, postal, construction and all outdoor workers - keep warm during the early or late hours when it's cold.  Adjust from 3 heat levels for comfort throughout the work day.

The black diamond Chi Vest fits under any uniform jacket and blends in with any style.  The power pack is good for up to 8 hours and can charge phones too.

Traveling, golf, skiing, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, rock climbing and more - adjust the heat level and also the intensity with the zippers to stay warm and limber throughout the day.

Bulky jackets and sweaters can weigh you down and get in the way - affecting your performance.  Chi Vest is the thinnest and lightest heated vest and power pack combination.