Health care

Perfect for keeping warm in cold weather, with adjustable heat levels to fit your needs
​Even in warm weather, the Chi vest relieves Back and muscle pain and improves circulation to internal organs 
The positions and sizes of the 5 heating pads are designed according to Traditional Chinese Medicine guidelines

Adjustable width and length

two sizes option
(5 feet to 5.5 feet)
Adjustable length
55 - 58 CM (21.7 - 22.8 inches)
Adjustable width
101 - 125 CM (40 - 49 inches)
LARGE: (5.5 feet to 6.5 feet) 
Adjustable length
68 - 71 CM (26.8 - 27.9 inches)
Adjustable width
110 - 134 CM (43 - 53 inches)

Heats and Heals for workleisurehealth
3D Adjustable for all seasons and sizes

THE FIRST electronic heated vest designed with Traditional Chinese Medicine guidelines to also relax and enhance core muscles and internal organs. 3D adjustable for custom fit and comfort.
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Built-in heating pads

3 heating strips built into the back and 2 pads into the front
The sizes and locations are designed to enhance core muscles and internal organs 
ON/OFF button on the left upper front provide easy  access
​3 levels of heat control with color LED indicator

​Separate front and back heat zones and controls for maximum comfort

Battery power pack
The most powerful rechargeable Lithium-ion battery power pack available
Bright LED flashlight and mobile phone charger USB port built in to small light package
Heats up to 7-8 hours

​- 5 V (6000 mAh)
- Safe CE FCC RoHS tested
- Power level indicators
- Standard micro USB recharging

Breathable polyester outer shell
Mesh inner liner (matching with outer shell)
5 carbon fiber heating pads
Hand washable
3 rows of snaps on each shoulder
3 position zippers width adjustment
2 front pockets

Temperature Level - Duration -  Button Color

High 70-75 ℃    3-4 hours    Red
Medium 60-65 ℃    5-6 hours    White
Low 40-45 ℃    7-8 hours    Blue

Each Chi Vest Package includes:
Chi vest, rechargeable Battery power pack, USB to micro USB cable


Stylish designs
2 different patterns to fit your style and indoor / outdoor use
Patent protected

adjustable design with snaps and zippers

Japanese designed to be worn under or on top of clothing, indoors or outdoors​


Sporty design for active outdoor use and blends in outdoor environment