Heat on Demand

Heat for Health

5 Carbon fiber heating pads provide relief without the inconvenience of electric heating pads. Designed according to Traditional Chinese Medicine guidelines to enhance core muscles and circulation to organs.

Heats and Heals for workleisurehealth
3D Adjustable for all seasons and sizes

3D Adjustable Size & Warmth

For Work or Leisure

Patented design of adjustable length and width using snaps and zippers provide a custom fit and intensity of the heating pads. Super fast but safe heating to three different temperature levels - push button controlled.

​Only Chi Vest has 3 back + 2 front heat pads to provide heat for muscle relief while working or resting at home.
Separate front and back heat zones for maximum comfort control

Stay warm without the bulk or weight of extra layers of clothing.  Hours of heat from rechargeable power pack for cold mornings and nights as needed. Cool fabric so you can leave it on even when it's warm out in the daytime.

Fashionable camo or black diamond for wearing inside or out. Perfect for truckers, construction workers, postal personnel, or hikers, golfers, rock climbers, hunters, skiers, fishermen, cyclists...